Why all this? The Story.

Who made it and why all this?

I made it!, and why?

Lot of machines have been created to make tasks easier and faster to do, and this is exactly the reason why i created this Toolkit.

I wanted to have an easy was to create Ping Grafics, and the first problem was to find a Programm which can log the Pings with a timestamp, then i found one and the next Problem was, how to put this all in a automated grafic. I searched a bit and i found GNUPlot, then i tried to feed the Logs of HrPing into it.

Wasnt that easy, because HrPing sometimes generates lines without an "#" (with this you can Comment a whole line out on GNUPlot), for example the first few lines:

This is hrPING v5.04 by cFos Software GmbH -- http://www.cfos.de(...)

and when the PC goes to Hibernate it also produces a few lines without an Timestamp, so i needet to filter all this out.

I wrote a Mail to the Support of cFos Software, and i got the answer "Here, try it with "Find" on the Console." so i tried it, and it was working :D

The next thing was, that GNUPlot wants values which are separated by tabulators or blank spaces, but HrPing generates lines looking like this:

2013-01-28 22:48:37.053: From bytes=60 seq=0001 TTL=52 ID=88a7 time=149.008ms

so i started to search a Programm which can replace "time=" with "time= " and "ms" with " ms". The solution was SED, a stream editor.

The next step was gluing all this together with scripts and Configs. I also wanted to make all this Portable, so that i simply can put this all on a Flashdrive and run it on every PC i like.

HrPing in Action!

Screenshot of the PingLogger
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HrPing while pinging Google